EDP Perfume


If you want to buy EDP Perfumes, Perfumebooth is one of the best online perfume stores, where you will get to purchase wide varieties of items from best brands with global reputation. Before you buy and place your order, know first what EDP is.

EDP stands for Eue De Parfum, and concentration wise it is a lighter version of Perfume concentrate. Generally EDP contains 8%-21% perfume oil and after use the smell lasts for at least 3-5 hours. EDP offers rich and opulent smell and this quality of perfume is mostly appropriate for evening time use. EDP is available in unisex category as well as these perfumes are also found especially for men and women, respectively.
It is extremely important to store an EDP with care in order to preserve its smell at its best. Follow these tips in order to enjoy the smell’s silage longer than usual:

  • Always store the EDP perfume in a cool dry place, which is out of the way of sunlight,
  • Do not keep an EDP in a moist place, for example, in bathroom,
  • Do not remove the packaging cover from the bottle and do not shake the bottle before use
  • Keep the bottle away from kids,
  • It is highly inflammable, so keep it away from fire.
  • The fragrance of an EDP lasts more on a cotton fabric so use cotton based fabrics to stay fragranced all day long.
  • Normally the shelf life of an EDP lasts up to 12-15 months.

Different types of EDP:

Mostly two types of EDP are found in market. One is floral type and the other is non-floral type, which may include fruity, woody, mask, and oriental type of EDP. Based on intensity of fragrance, two types of EDP you can purchase; one is mild fragranced one and the other is strong flavored ones.

Where to spray EDPs:

Application of an EDP is an art, and depending on the mastery of application you can expect the best silage effect of the scent. The most common places where you should apply EDP are :

  • Backside of the knees,
  • Cleavage
  • Wrists
  • Inner thighs
  • On ear lobes
  • Belly Button, etc.
  • Hair, however, direct spray on hair may turn hair dry, so you should spray on your hair brush before combing.

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