Difference between Perfume and Body Spray


People who use perfumes and deodorants often wonder about which one is best. Some favour the perfumes while others favour deodorants. People who love luxury go with perfumes as they find it favourable to their lifestyle. While the ones who are into sports, active lifestyle love to use deodorants. If you are one of the lots who feel confused about which is best of these or what the difference between them is. To help you in making a well-informed choice, we are here to help you in the difference between perfume and body spray.

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Perfume is a blend of base liquid which can be oil-based or alcohol based and perfume essence. The ratio between the perfume essence and base liquid depends on the type of perfume you are buying. It usually ranges between 5-20% in which eau de cologne has the least and parfum has the highest. Depending on the perfume essence, the fragrance can last for up to 12 hours or more.

On the order hand, deodorant body spray contains many ingredients since it is designed to give much more than just fragrance. Deodorants are available in two types, one is the body spray with just fragrance while there is another one is with antiperspirant properties. If you want to smell good go with perfumed body spray and if you are worried about sweat and sweat smell, antiperspirant body sprays are the best choice for you.
Apart from this, there is another difference between the two and that is the cost and lasting. Perfumes are quite expensive but they are able to deliver the best quality Top Indian Perfume for longer hours. While on the other hand deodorant body spray is quite affordable but they deliver the fragrance lasting for about 2-3 hours depending on the brand you have got.

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