Creation Deodorant


Launched by one of the leading perfumer’s house, Creation is reaching heights with its high quality fragrant products. Baug Sons are the owner of the Creation brand, adding their years of experience to the brand. Creation aims to combine the hot new perfume trends with the age old expertise. Learning from the top perfumers working with Baug Sons, the perfumers over here at creations are trying to bring out something very creative and stunning. After being a popular name in the world of perfumes, the brand I now venturing into the refreshing world of deodorants.

Creation understands it very well that the current generation is quite into body sprays. They want highly perfumed deodorants with high quality, trusted brand name and the cost, which is in their budget. Since most part of the new generation is the college going, school going students or youngsters with a tight budget, they are unable to spend a lot on perfumes. The desire of looking and feeling great with an amazing fragrance, they tend to move towards low quality fragrances or deodorants. Although they are mostly in budget, but the fragrance of these is poor.

Giving the younger generation something fascinating as well as rejuvenating, Creation is here with a fine range of deodorant. The fragrance of a perfume and the power of deodorant, these body sprays are created using high quality ingredients. Perfumers with years of experience handpick ingredients from around the world to ensure authenticity of the fragrance created. They carefully mix every fragrance together to bring out the best scent with a strong sillage and strength. These perfumers make sure that whatever scent they are creating, it is suitable to one’s personality as well as their daily lifestyle.

The brand offers Deodorant Body Sprays for Men and Women both. The Creation deodorant range comes in a spray can of 200ml, which is a good quantity at the price charged. Since you need just a couple of sprays around your pulse zones to stay fragrant all day long, the deodorant lasts for quite some time. It is great investments for youngsters who love to smell good but do not wish to spend a lot for it or have a tight monthly budget. You can make this highly fragrant deodorant along with other popular international brands at a budget price yours, only on Perfumebooth. Shop till you drop on India's leading perfume store to serve all your fragrant needs.