Colour Me Deodorant


Everyone loves to have a fragrance suitable for his or her style and choices. With the limited choices available in the market, one is unable to do so. Fragrance lovers across the world have been trying out new things such as mixing different essential oils for creating a unique fragrance suitable to their personality. However, doing so can be very time consuming, which not everyone can manage. They want something rather quickly available for an instant fragrance upgrade. Keeping this in mind, Colour Me deodorants were launched for the new generation.

Coming from the house of Milton Lloyd, one of the most popular organisations known for their perfumes and deodorant brands, Colour Me have been keeping up their name. The brand is designed with a concept of giving every perfume user something unique suiting their personality and style. They initially launched their perfume range for men and women. After a major success in the field, the brand is now venturing into the field of deodorant. They understand that perfume lovers with a limited budget are not able to buy fragrance every now and then, but they can easily invest in a good deodorant.

Tapping this unchartered territory where deodorants are available as per various personality, Colour Me has really marvelled in the field. Giving their customers similar experience as the perfume users, all the deodorants are created in the same variant as their perfumes. If you love their perfumes, you will fall for these deodorants as well. What makes them great is the fact that you can buy these deodorants along with perfumes, for enhancing the fragrance. You can easily layer the perfume with a good smelling deodorant from the same variant enhancing the sillage, strength and longevity of the perfume.

Some of the Colour Me deodorant variants available for men are Blue, Musk, Green, Silver, Silver Sport, White, Oud, Black and Gold. Some of the Colour Me deodorant variants available for women are Diamond, Gold Femme, Flowers, Pearl, Sky Blue, Red, Purple and Pink. Each variant is available in 150 ml body spray can, which is big enough to fit into your hand making it easy to use. Buy Colour Me Deodorants Online for Men and Women at Perfumebooth, India's leading online fragrance store. You can also buy Colour Me perfumes for men and women over here at Perfumebooth at a budget price. Register with Perfumebooth to be a part of the privé membership and get amazing discounts.

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