Chris Adams Deodorant


Launched by the popular house of Nabeel, Chris Adams is a known perfume brand all around the world. The brand provides refreshing contemporary French fragrances to their customers. Their every fragrance has a unique fragrance, which is not only pleasing to one’s senses but also reflects the persona of the user. They are the true epitome of international perfume brand available at a budget price for everyone to enjoy a soothing scent. After excelling in the field of perfume, the brand is now ready to make a mark in the deodorant industry.

Current generation wants more from their fragrances and Chris Adams understand it quite well. The brand has been researching the fragrance needs of the new generation to give them the best products. They know that the current fragrance user wants something unique even at a low price. Perfumers working with the brand handpick ingredients from the country of origin, extract their essence carefully and blend it with high-quality bases and fillers to give you best fragrant experience packed in a spray bottle.

Each Chris Adams deodorant comes with a promise to last for 4-6 hours without losing its sillage as well as strength. You can spray it on your pulse points right after taking bath. Using deodorant on a clean skin ensures that it will last for a long time. The perfume molecules are absorbed properly by the clean skin; thus releasing them slowly and enhancing the longevity of the perfume. If you are someone who has a busy schedule, a long-lasting deodorant is a boon for you.

Some of the variants available with the brand for men in their Deodorants range are Let’s Imagine, Lifetime, Active Man Noir, Active Man, Dolby Man, and Signature Man. Some of the variants available for women with the brand in their deodorant range are Active Woman and Devotion Woman. Similar to Chris Adams perfume, their deodorant range is also quite unique.

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