Celebrity Scent


Immerse your senses into perfumes that celebrities love and adore. No need to worry about the high cost of those branded perfumes as now you can get them at discounted prices online in India. Perfume stores are trying to make international fragrances accessible to masses who have been dousing themselves with deodorant. Perfumed body sprays are cheap and can make you smell good as well but this perfume cannot stay more than just a couple of hours. Perfume from the body spray will evaporate in just a couple of hours of you applying it.

Instead of wasting your hard-earned money on these perfumed body sprays, you should explore the amazing world of celebrity scents from popular brands like Lomani, Baug Sons, Creation, Perfumer’s Choice, Colour Me, MPF, Mural De Ruitz, Rich & Ruitz, English Blazer, New NB, Maryaj, Chris Adams, Louis Cardin and many others available just a click away. You can buy perfumes from all these international brands known around the world for men and women only on Perfume Booth.

All the perfumes are directly sourced from the bran itself, which helps in reducing its cost giving an amazing discount to the common mass. If you have a low perfume budget, you can try out these perfumes and enjoy an international perfume for more than 2 months with regular use. Although these are a bit expensive as compared to the deodorants, with the long-lasting scent and sillage, these perfumes are worth trying. One perfume bottle is worth 3-4 deodorant bottles, so you can understand how convenient and cost-effective these are.

If you wish to try all these Celebrity Perfume before buying them, you can do it as well easily at Perfume Booth. Place an order for the trial pack known as Scent Shot to try out up to 7 international perfumes at the same time. This trial pack will also come with a carry case allowing you to carry your refillable international perfume anywhere you like to. Every perfume tester vial contains 5ml of perfume giving you 35ml of perfume in one pack.

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