Buy Women Perfumes


You can copy the style but you cannot catch the fragrance. Women’s perfumes are as naughty and swift as they themselves are. The multi- tasking fragrance not only hides the bad order but also brings out the sensuality through the basic elements. In Perfume booth you can avail beautiful discounts and offers with their exotic range of EDP and EDT woman perfumes. A strong sharp fragrance comes from the different top, bottom and middle notes. Wide variety with 21 exotic perfumes are placed in three differently scent shot boxes named.

You will get the value for money as within one box you are getting seven different fragrances which are internationally approved. Lurve, Sophistique, and Teaze are the three popular woman’s Selfie boxes from PerfumeBooth.

Voodoo woman Scent Shot case has a collection of Urban Woman, Lomani White, Creation Jasmine, beyond beauty, Larc Premio, Compassion and Dreamz Woman.

Voodoo woman Scent Shot is a perfume for a;; of your special moments. Chifon, Lady Presidente, Lomani Sensual, Creation Pour Femme, Viveca, Gold, and True Reflections are the popular flavors inside the pack of seven.

The Scent Shot box is a wholesome surprise of fragrance like Fasio, CA Classic Woman, Active Woman, Creation Orchid, Creation Gold, Web and Subsense.
Each stick of 5 ml gives almost 30 sprays at a time, and last for about 6-8 hrs in this hot summer weather. All the long lasting fragrances are brought from far away countries like Dubai, France and England. The perfumes are also available in small tester series in the pack to carry anywhere easily.