Buy Men Perfumes


Everybody wakes up, take shower, get dressed in the best clothes and leave for work, but what makes the striking difference in a complete man is his dark dense fragrance. A charming scent is love at the First sight. A strong sharp fragrance makes all the difference. It can make you’re your mood more romantic and exotic; it can please everyone without you doing any effort. A strong fragrance speaks with the top of its voice. You need to go through the description written on the back of the bottle to know about your perfume and choose the most long lasting one out.

Men’s perfume is a blend of best of woods. The fragrance can really help to hide anger, reduce stress, mood swings, body ache, and age. Men’s fragrances are dynamic representation of power and attitude. Men’s fragrance needs strong base notes. A fragrance is not only needed to hide your body odor but also to leave that last impression. Perfume booth has come up with its new Men’s perfume collection with 21 branded International fragrances for men, brought from far away countries like Dubai, France and England. The perfumes are also available in small tester series in the pack of seven, combined in the Selfie case that comes with variety in every brand. There are three such testers named- Cazanova, Wyld and Mazculine.

  • The cazanova Selfie is unique in its own way you get to try different new branded International perfumes each day. Emper Legend Brown, Dreamz Man, Dolby, after Dark, English Blazer Black, Illusion, pour home is the seven popular fragrances in the box.
  • Exotic “Wyld” perfumes are a secret world of darkness. This is for the unstoppable, unbeatable men within you. Each scent is the epitome of timeless, masculine elegance that is truly classic. Urban Man, CA Classic Man, Code Man, Creation Energy, English Blazer Original, Louis Cardin Silver and Union.
  • The Mazculine perfume Selfie has magical mystery fragrances that are divided into fresh, wild. Presidente, Active Man, Creation Intense Noir, My Status, London, Credible Homme, Lomani Essential are the perfumes in the pack.

Each stick of 4 ml gives almost 30 sprays at a time, and last for about 6-8 hrs in this hot summer weather. All the Perfumes are from EDP and EDT range. It’s not an easy task to choose your pick as you get to choose the best fragrance form a box that already contains the best products.