Branded Perfume


Local perfumes available in the local market may be a bit budget-friendly, but in the long run, they will drain out your pocket. These perfumes have lower fragrance essence reducing the longevity of the scent. Since they do not stay on your body for more than 2-3 hours, you will have to reapply them several times for maintaining your freshness. For someone who is suffering from too much sweat and smell, this can be a bit of problem as they will be suffering from stinking body smell throughout the day even after purchasing perfume.

Instead of letting stink be your identity, why not invest in branded perfumes in place of these low-quality local ones. Branded perfumes from top brands like Lomani, Baug Sons, Creation, Colour Me, MPF, Mural De Ruitz, Rich & Ruitz and many others are easily available online in India giving you an opportunity to enjoy fragrance.

Long-lasting fragrance:

With high-quality ingredients and high fragrance essence concentration, you can enjoy long-lasting fragrance with branded scents. All these perfumes are just minded blowing with their scents and have a sillage which is unbeatable. Once applied, the perfume will stay on you for more than 6 hours. Even after this, the perfume will not fade away completely but will leave a faint scent behind.

Unique scents:

All the international perfumes are known for their unique scents. Perfumers working with these brands work on new scents to be launched in every change of the season. If you are someone who loves to follow global perfume brands and want to smell amazing in every season, branded scents are just for you.


As compared to the local perfumes, these branded fragrances form international brands are quite cost-effective. Yes, you will be paying a little extra as compared to the local brands, but with the fragrance lasting as it gives and the aroma of the scent makes it worth it. It is quite a lot from the local scents which will stay on for not more than 2-3 hours and have a very faint sillage. Just two sprays of international perfume are more than enough to make you smell amazing for hours so you can imagine how long will the bottle last.

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