Body Mist for Women


Women have always been very careful about the way they look and smell. Since centuries, women have been using perfume of one kind or the other to add a layer of fragrance around them. In this world of fragrances, body mists are rather new. It defines the style of a new age woman who loves to look fabulous, feel fabulous and smell fabulous.
She uses a fine range of vanity products but does not prefer something that overpowers her personality. Body mists for women are gentle and refreshing, unlike most of the perfumes. Their formulation is very light on the skin, delicately perfumed with fine fragrance notes such as fruity, zesty, floral and nutty.

Difference between deodorant and body mist:

For someone who has not used both the products, it is not easy to understand the difference between body mist and deodorants. However, if someone has tried them, they can instantly explain or rather show it to you. Both are fragrant, both are applied directly to the skin and body helping in removing body odour, but there is a huge chunk of masses that prefer body mist to deodorant any day.
Both can be applied on the skin, but there are things body mists can do but deodorant can’t. A body mist is much lighter and delicate on the skin as compared to the deodorant, which is pumped with force of gas. Body mists can sooth, moisturise and pamper your skin with its specially designed formulation. With it’s delicate formulation, it can be applied on dry and cracked skin as well which is not allowed in Deodorants. Some strong deodorants can sting on your skin, which does not happen with body mist.

Refresh your skin with body mists:

Body mists are designed in such way that you can apply them on your skin every couple of hours or whenever you are feeling dull. The gentle fragrance released by body mists for women can uplift your mood anytime. You can even apply body mist on your face when you are feeling tired, just avoid your eyes.

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