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Buying perfume online can be tricky. You have to be careful about selecting the right fragrance otherwise you will be stuck with a bad perfume. A poor quality perfume not only has a bad smell, or after smell but also they have a silage power of only a couple of hours or maybe not even that. While buying perfume online you cannot smell the perfume but there are ways to find out how the perfume is before spending money on it.

On a best perfume online shop, you will get complete details about the perfume. All these details will give you a better insight about the perfume so that you can make a well informed decision. First of all, read the description to understand the main concept of the perfume. A god online shop always mentioned whether the perfume is suitable for day or night, daily use or special occasions and so on. You can get all the information in description.

After that focus on notes of the perfume. Every perfume is divided into three basic notes- Top note, middle notes and base notes. the top notes are the first thing one notices while smelling the perfume, after that comes the middle notes and at the last are the base notes which are strongest and covered with middle and top notes.

Now people are generally confused about which notes to consider while buying perfume. It is your base notes that play a major role in making how a perfume smell.s they are the ones that last for a long time and are revealed last so you should make the decision about perfume on the basis of base notes while buying online.

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