Best Perfume Gifts for Women


Perfumes are wonderful gifts for the lady you love. But unless you know the perfume brand or fragrance she prefers, choosing the right perfume for her can be a daunting task. Perfumebooth offers wide variety of perfumes for ladies, which can be wonderful gift options for women you love and care. But as perfume is a personal choice, gifting a perfume is a matter of concern unless you know the fragrance preference. There are some clues you can use for buying best perfume gifts for women.

Perfume preference by personality:

You can try selecting your perfume by analyzing the personality of the woman you will gift it. Surprisingly, the preference of perfume largely depends on the character traits of the lady who will be gifted. Take a look how it works:

Woody perfume:

If your lady is a nature lover, self assured, and a free spirited woman, who is apparently stubborn but affectionate in their core of heart, Woody perfumes are the best suitable fragrance for her. The woman who is matured than her age will mostly like these perfumes.

Floral Perfume:

The floral fragrances will be ideal for the ladies who are cuddly in nature and they lover to wear makeup. They have a natural nose for classic outfits and classic movies, etc. If you know that the lady whom you are planning to gift a floral scent is a charming, vivacious, girly, and a romantic girl with extra ordinary confidence in mind, you have selected the right perfume for her.

Oriental Perfume:

Is your lady a bold, always confident but affectionate person and she possesses a warm personality and a slight dare devil attitude seldom? If yes, Oriental fragrance perfumes will be her first option to like. Are you a passionate dreamer? If yes, you can try oriental fragrance family perfumes because it is one of the best perfume gifts for women like you.

Fruity perfumes:

The lady who has still the girlish charm and loves to take the adventure of life like an exotic challenge, fruity perfumes suit them wonderfully. Mostly young and energetic women find these fruity perfumes zesty and inspirational. So if your lady is like sweet mellow fruit but full off vigor and stamina, go for buying fruity flavor for her.

Green perfumes:

There are sporty perfumes, and if your lady is fond of outdoor adventure and she is a sports enthusiast, green perfumes will her best cup of tea. Is she a bit workaholic and not girly in the usual meaning of the word? Green perfumes are the best perfume gifts for women like her.

Well, if character trait analysis is the not your cup of tea, or you are reluctant to analyze the character of the woman, whom you will be gifting a perfume, you can plan your perfume shopping by counting the zodiac sign she possesses.

Perfume selection by zodiac sign:

  • Aries: The perfume smells peppery, hot, and fills mind with its perky notes, is the right perfume for your Aries woman.
  • Taurus: A Taurus woman usually loves opulence and luxury: generally classic floral scents with light hint of patchouli will make her satisfied.
  • Gemini: your Gemini woman is like the butterfly: pamper her with light citrus fragrance. Look for light but lively small for her. Perfume that keeps her refreshed is one of the best perfume gifts for women like your special girl.
  • Cancer: select a scent that is soothing but very prominent. Floral scents are sure bait whereas you can try aqua fragrances too.
  • Leo: If your lady is a Leo woman select something that has bold fragrance. Don’t forget to check if the get-up of the perfume is opulent too.
  • Virgo: Balance is the buzz word this zodiac sign. If you want to select best perfume gifts for women of Virgo zodiac sign, clean, warm, and serene type will be your first choice.
    Libra women are famous for their passion for floral fragrance. So floral fragrances will be your first and last bet for the perfume gift of your Libra lady you love.
    Heavy, seductive aqua and spicy fragrances are the best options for a scorpion woman.
  • Sagittarius: Exotic floral or natural favors will keep a Sagittarius woman at her best friendly mode.
  • Capricorn: earthly notes as well as woody fragrances are the best option for a Capricorn lady.
  • Pisces: watery floral scents will pamper the creativity of your Pisces lady you love.
  • Aquarius: You should try unisex type of perfume for the Aquarius lady you are fond of.

Hope these information and clues will help you to select the best Fragrance gift Sets for women you love and respect. Browse the perfume portal thoroughly before placing an order here. Don’t miss latest arrivals and hot deals pages to check.