Best Perfume Brands for Men


If you are searching for the names of best perfume brands for men, Perfumebooth is probably the best place you can always trust. This online perfume shop has kept their inventory unique and colorful with all the best brands of perfumes from all across the world and that includes best perfume brands for men.

Perfume is a matter of personal selection. There is no formula for finding the best brands, regardless you are talking about men’s perfumes or fragrances for women, but depending on popularity and in terms of affordable budget some of these brands are well accepted by perfume freaks.

Chris Adams: This is one of the most cherished brands of France that has loads of good quality perfumes for men in their stock. The perfume designer always keeps his perfumes simple but unique and long lasting. Dolby Man is one of their most popular perfumes for men.

Lomani: Based at France, Lomani is a designer brand famous worldwide for its good quality perfumes and it is one of the best perfume brands for men. The Lomani perfumes are rightly called affordable luxury for men and women with sophisticated style statement. Perfumebooth maintains a good stock of Lomani perfumes and deodorants for all seasons and in most affordable price range.

Maryaj: Maryaj perfumes are known for their exquisite quality and awesome simplicity of notes. The designer brand has created Eue De Parfum, Eue De Toilette, and Eue De Cologne varieties for asserting fragranced presence of a style conscious man. Available in classy, oriental, sporty, and woody variety for men, the Mayraj perfumes are all time best buys in market.

Emper: Emper is comparatively a newer brand in market and it is headquartered in Dubai. But it has attracted already market appraise for its good quality perfumes. Different types of perfumes are available from Emper that are meant for men and can be used round the year.

Baug Sons: Baug Sons are UAE based perfume manufacturer and the perfumes of this brand are known for their opulence in smell. Available both for men and women, Creation series of perfume from Baug Sons is meant for men and users have claimed that it is one of the best perfume brands for men.

Louis Cardin: Louis Cardin is a globally famous brand for perfumes. The designer brand has 40 years experience in consumer market and perfume is one of their style accessories, which is reigning in market for last 5 years with great consumer satisfaction.

Good quality and affordable price combo are the uniqueness of Louis Cardin. Presently, the brand has 30 perfumes meant for men and women, respectively. Louis Cardin is one of the best perfume brands for men, which are available under affordable price range.

These are some of the most popular brands available in the inventory of Perfumebooth. However, the online perfume specialist shop keeps extending their inventory almost at regular interval. For buying best quality perfume you need to visit the website to check the availability of the perfumes you have selected. You can also check the hot deals to buy international quality perfumes at most affordable prices, which is not available in any other online store.