Baug Sons Deodorant


Created by one of the top perfumers across the world, Firoz Baugwala, Baug Sons has been serving the needs of perfume lovers over a period of time. The brand is known for its exquisite fragrance and quality, which has been maintained by the experts working there since 1993. Baug Sons being the flagship brand owned by Firoz Baugwala, they had to ensure that is one of the best, providing their customers something to desire for. After mesmerising the perfume lovers around the world, Baug Sons have now ventured into the much more modern world of deodorants with its amazing new range of body sprays.

Deodorants are in hot demand these days with the modern users. College students, youngsters, gym goers and people who love to stay on the go prefer to use body sprays more as compared to the perfumes. Baug Sons have understood this very well creating and presenting fragrances that will suit the lifestyle of the modern ages. Their deodorant sprays are inspired by the perfumes available with the brand, giving you the similar fragrance experience as their perfumes. for the fragrance lovers who cannot afford to use Baug Sons perfumes, can go with the deodorant and enjoy the same fragrance.

Often perfume lovers complaint about the loss of smell or losing the sillage over a period of time after spraying on their fragrance. Baug Sons deodorants available in similar fragrance to their perfume brands can also be used to avoid this unwanted situation. You can layer your favourite Baug Sons perfume with a deodorant variant of the same name and enjoy a long lasting fragrance throughout the day. The deodorant not only covers the sweaty stink of your body but also enhances the fragrance of the perfume giving it a much-needed kick.

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