Arabic Perfumes


The options are wide and there are plenty of locals as well as branded perfumes available for the touch of ancient traditions. There are so many perfumes are available in the world with different categories like Niche Perfumes, Pure oil perfumes, Designer perfumes but Arabic Perfumes always top the list with strong and unique fragrances.

So What Is Arabic Perfume?

Arabic perfumes carry strong and unique fragrance with the combination of Jasmine, amber, musk, and oud. Oud is often recognized as the scent of wood which is meant to use on the human skin or on clothes. We have often heard of different uses of oud such as it is used to decrease the odor in the house or a particular area as a room freshener, etc. Ouds often referred to the incense which has not gone through much of processing and is completely natural which are extracted from trees.

Bakhoor is known as processed incense contains some chemical ingredients and is not completely natural. Bakhoor usually contains the essential oils in it which makes its appearance bit oil-based. Perfumery business is very risky and one should have plenty of experience to master the skill set required for the fragrance business and we at Perfume Booth are professionals in the perfumery business with years and years of experience.

How To Wear Arabic Perfume:

  • Arabic perfume is quite strong in its scent and must for you to drop a tiny bit of it on the required area to get the results. Use concentration with the bottle so that you can get a desired amount with the spray.
  • Arabic perfumes are meant to be used before getting dressed up and one should use it on the wrists, behind the earlobes and on the side of your neck as per the situation.
    · Arabic perfumes smell is strong and it will make it easier for you to differentiate it from your own body smell. One must understand that the way he/she wears the perfumes affects its results and it should be applied to get long-lasting results.

· Arabic is perfumes are available in all types of scents including attar, floral scents especially for ladies and the woody/earthy fragrances for men with a unique scent.