Use Perfume Testers To Explore New Fragrance Horizons

Use Perfume Testers To Explore New Fragrance Horizons

Whenever we hit a perfume store, testers on the aisle are the first thing we reach for. These are the basic step in trying perfume. Whether you want to try something new or review a perfume, testers come in handy. Some of us even ask for extra perfume samples while buying a scent bottle to try one.

However, for these testers, there is nothing more. They are often used once and thrown away. Or they keep lying deep in your vanity drawer or handbag. But do you know, a perfume tester can actually open new horizons in the perfume world for you? Yes, and it will make you want more testers every time you buy perfume.

Try A New Perfume Without Any Hassle:

While looking for a new perfume, we often try them in-store. However, it is not enough when you are switching your regular genre. You need more time than a few minutes with the perfume. grab as many testers as possible you can and take them home.

Use these perfumes for at least a day or two. It will help you in understanding its performance in every ambience. Perfumes can reveal their dry notes after several hours. Sniffing it for a few minutes will not reveal its true nature. This is a crucial step if you are planning to buy a luxury perfume. It will save you a lot.

Enjoy Luxury Perfumes Without Spending A Lot:

This is one of the best use of testers. You can get them at a nominal price from online perfume tester stores or perfume stores. Some brands like Scent Shot provide a pack of mini perfumes. Each pack has 7 different perfumes for you to try. This is a great way to enjoy luxury perfume without paying the full price. and you can get as many perfumes as you want.

For someone like a college student, it is a great way to enjoy perfumes. You can get high-end brands in your monthly budget. And changing perfumes often is also easy. Switch perfume with season and mood without worrying about the full price.

Create A New Perfume With Testers:

Few perfume users do this, but it is worth trying. You have a few testers lying around, mix a couple of them to create a new scent. Yes, it sounds a bit out there and risqué, but worth trying. You must have heard about the layering of perfume; this is kind of like that but mixing. You can take an atomizer spray, fill it with perfume testers and use it like a small perfume.

First, try and see which perfumes go well together. Like citrusy and herby scents go well nicely. Floral perfumes work well with woody ones. You can pair the complimentary notes together for a new perfume. They will keep wondering what you are wearing.

Use Them To Make Your House Smell Nice:

Pamper yourself to a house full of aromatic wonder with the testers you have. Keep one with an open cap in flower vases and potpourri. You can add some to oil diffusers if you have one lying around. Doing this will release the aroma slowly in your house. You can also sprinkle some perfume on curtains and mattresses.

This is so much better than wasting your expensive perfume. Make sure to use soothing refreshing and floral perfumes for this. Stronger ones can overpower your senses. This works so much better to help you relax and relieve your senses.

Add Freshness To Your Wardrobe:

If your wardrobe smells funky, throw in a few bottles of perfume testers with a small pouch of baking powder. It will help in removing the smell and make them aromatic. You can use this trick to remove the smell from storerooms as well as trunks with old clothes. Make sure to use non-staining perfume for this. You can check this by spraying a little perfume on a small piece of cloth. For expensive clothes, mix the perfume in baking powder to do this trick. It will prevent staining and still work wonders for the mossy mouldy smell.

Where Can I Buy Perfume Testers In India Online?

Gone are the days when you had to make a huge purchase to get a few testers. Now you can visit any perfume store and buy them. every major perfume brand is now providing testers. And not only on small vials, but you can also get them in atomiser bottles. These come with a spray nozzle, and you can use them like a normal perfume.

You can buy a pack of 7 mini-testers or get a pack of three. They are also available in gift packs so you can surprise your loved ones. These perfume testers are made to make your life easy. Buy them now to experience all these benefits. It will surely change your life.